How to Close Your Main Water Valve: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Are you on the lookout for help and advice around How to Turn Off Water To House and Prevent Damage?

How to Turn Off Water To House and Prevent Damage
One of the most usual areas a water pipe will certainly be situated in home is in your boiler room, basement, or a cut out panel in an area for your house.
Once you discover the water main you will simply transform the valve clockwise to shut all the water off in your house up until you have finished the repair. Some residences will enjoy valve with a bar that you can draw instead of count on close the water off.
If you attempt to shut the water off to your components by using an angle stop which does not function you will have to shut of the water pipe to make your repair. There are also several various other reasons you could need to close the water main like repairing icy pipes, fixing leaks, replacing components or faucets.
Lots of people are not aware that they even have a water main shutoff right in their own house and simply call a plumber of never wind up doing the repair until points get really bad because they just do not know that shutting the water main is really very easy.


How to Find and Shut Off Main Water Shutoff Valve


Knowing where the main water shut off valve is located is crucial for any homeowner. The water shut off valve location is important year-round, but is especially important during the winter months. Although Georgia has generally mild winters, our state still has temperatures that can freeze pipes. Frozen pipes are not only an inconvenience, but can also be dangerous if they become burst pipes. A burst pipe could start a flood inside your home and cause costly damage. If you have a leak or burst pipe, cutting off the water supply is important to minimize the damage to your house. Even a small leak can cause extensive damage in a short time if the water supply is not shut off. High Priority Plumbing will be standing by for your emergencies 24/7, but we want to help you be prepared to limit the damage while you wait for our plumber to arrive.


How to Turn Off Water to Your House


Ideally, all adults and responsible children in your home should be prepared to shut off the water and know the water shut-off valve location. Water leaks can happen without warning, so make sure that your family is ready to control the damage. Make sure to find your water shut-off valve now instead of waiting for a crisis to come and then struggling to find it.

The main water shut-off can usually be found on the perimeter of your home, generally on the side of your house facing the street. This location makes sense because the city or municipality water pipes come from the road up to your home. Turn the handle or valve to prevent the water from entering your home. If you are on well water, the valve could be located on the side or back of your house since it is not coming from the street.

If you are struggling to find the shut off valve after circling the perimeter of your home, you can find the location on your property inspection report. The section on your plumbing should provide the location and a picture of the valve. Even if your plumbing system was not functioning yet, the valve’s location should be listed.

After trying the previous two methods, you can turn off the water at the road if you still cannot find the main water valve. The curb valve on the road should be at the boundary of your property and the road or sidewalk. If you cannot find the curb valve, your water company’s 24-hour emergency line should be able to help you find it or dispatch help.

How to Locate & Turn Off Main Water Shut-Off Valves


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